Kundali Bhagya 12 July 2018 Full Episode Written Updates: In the previous episode Kundali Bhagya, Karan and Preeta are on their way to Sherlyn’s house as they’ve come up with a plan to bring out her truth. Srishti calls Preeta to ask where she has been and what she has been upto. Preeta tells her about the happenings of the day and Srishti is shocked. Sarla hears her conversation and Srishti has to tell her about Sherlyn’s pregnancy. 

9:30pm- Sherlyn and Prithvi express their disdain for each others’ mothers and Prithvi asks her to shut up as they both hate each others’ mothers equally. 

9:35pm- Preeta rings the bell to Sherlyn’s house after a lot of deliberation as to how they must enter. Hearing the bell, Prithvi thinks it is the goon who had come in earlier and picks up a knife before opening the door. Karan and Preeta start fighting outside and miss Prithvi opening the door for them. Prithvi instantly shuts the door and that is when they realised that the door was opened and then shut again. 

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9:39pm- Prithvi tells Sherlyn that Karan and Preeta are on the door and Sherlyn asks him to go and hide immediately. Preeta and Karan wonder why Sherlyn hasn’t opened the door for them despite so many bells. Preeta tells Karan that it is immensely important for them to find the reports.

9:41pm- Sherlyn acts surprised upon seeing Karan and Preeta. Preeta says that she knows her excitement is fake. Karan tells Sherlyn that he knows she is pregnant and the child is not Rishabh’s. Sherlyn dismisses it saying that it was a mistaken thought of chachiji’s and the doctor confirmed it to be a severe case of acidity.

9:46pm- Karan points out that the doctor never personally met them. Sherlyn and Preeta enter into a brawl and Preeta pretends to choke on something. Karan asks her to get her water. He goes to Sherlyn’s room to look for the reports. Prithvi is hiding in the same.

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