In the previous episode, Karan sneaks out Sherlyn’s phone thinking he could find a lead to reveal their truth. Sherlyn sees him and complains to Rishabh to which he says that he’ll not listen to anyone saying bad about him. Karan is still not deterred and wants to bring out their truth.

9:30pm- Sameer helps Srishti pick out lamps from the store room. He asks her whether she felt something when she hugged him or it was just a friendly hug. Srishti refuses and dismisses her feelings. She asks him not to misunderstand her as she likes hugging people around her. Sameer says he doubts what Srishti is saying and why she is flustered when she is around him. Rakhi comes to the storeroom and sees Srishti in his arms. They get embarrassed seeing Rakhi and pretend to start fighting. Rakhi sends Srishti outside to get ready and also asks Sameer to leave.

9:34pm- Rakhi decides to tell Sarla about what is going on between them as she is elated to find out. Sarla, Biji and Preeta come home for the party and Peeta offers to call the caterer and manage everything. Dadi asks Rakhi and Mahesh to give a performance.

9:38pm- Rakhi takes Sarla to a side and tells Sarla that she saw that love has blossomed between Srishti and Sameer. Sarla denies as she did not seeing anything of this sort. Sarla compares them to Karan and Preeta but Rakhi says that she is wrong about her judgement about Srishti and Sameer.

9:40pm- Karan wonders how Sherlyn changed her password immediately. He collides with Preeta, as he is lost in thought. They enter into a brawl and Karan asks her to keep quiet as he is already occupied with something.

9:50pm- Rakhi is confused as to what would happen as they haven’t even set the menu. Preeta comes and asks her to relax as she has made arrangements. Sherlyn asks Preeta to stop trying to impress Rakhi. Dadi gets Preeta to meet one of her friends and she suggests them to get her married to Karan.

9:57pm- Karan calls Preeta to his room and tells him about the plan he has come up with. She asks Karan to cancel his plan without even listening to it. Karan requests her to stay and listen to the plan.

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