In the previous episode, Karan sees Prithvi coming out of Sherlyn’s trial room. He confronts him and they enter into a brawl. Rishabh and Preeta are called upon the scene and Karan tells them that Prithvi and Sherlyn are having an affair. Karan asks Preeta to go ahead and open the door as she will find Sherlyn inside, which will prove that he is saying the truth. Prithvi tells Preeta that if she does that, it will mean that she does not trust him enough to marry him.

9:30pm- Rakhi asks Janki if she knows whether there is someone who wants to hurt the Luthras and the Aroras. She responds in affirmative. Sarla asks her to try and tell them who is the person who wants to hurt both the families. Rakhi gives her a pen and pleads her to try and write the name of the person, but all in vain. Janki, however, tells them that it is the same person who hurt her.

9:35pm- Prithvi tells everyone that it is Preeta’s own decision to open the door or not. Prithvi tries to emotionally blackmail Preeta into not opening the door. Rishabh tells them that since Sherlyn is also involved in the entire scene, he will open the door to see whether Sherlyn is inside or not. Prithvi tries to stop him but Rishabh is raging with anger and cannot be stopped. Rishah asks Sherlyn to open the door. Sherlyn is tensed.

9:39pm- Prithvi tries to coax Preeta into asking them to stop knocking at the door. Rishabh tells Preeta to go ahead and knock on the door herself. The manager provides them with the master key to the door. Preeta opens the door and everyone is shocked. There is nobody inside the trial room. 

9:43pm- Karan tries to tell Rishabh that he is sure that Sherlyn wasin this room only. He tries to prove himself right but Rishabh states that if she was there then, where is she now. Sherlyn comes out from the top of the room as there was no ceiling, without letting anyone know. 

9:46pm- Rishabh asks Karan where Sherlyn is now.

9:50pm- Prithvi tells them that he came out from the same trial room. He had gone in there to try on his outfits as none of the men’s trial rooms was vacant. Prithvi shames Karan for his behaviour. 

9:53pm- Rishabh asks Karan why he did what he did but Karan tries to prove himself right. He enters into a fight with Prithvi and Rishabh tries to pull them apart, because of which he slaps Karan.

9:58pm- Rishabh apologises Prithvi for his behaviour. Karan goes away from the spot. Sherlyn comes on the spot and tells everyone that she was looking at some jackets for Karan. Prithvi takes Preeta away. Rishabh also tells Sherlyn that they have to go home, when she asks where Karan is.

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