Kundali Bhagya 13 July 2018 Full Episode Written Updates: Friday, July 13 episode revolve around Sherlyn and Prithvi getting scared that their truth will come out if Preetha and Karan will bring doctor Seema. As Sherlin gets too tense, Prithvi asks her not to worry. But Sherlyn still remains tense thinking that if doctor Seema will come, her truth will come out and she will have to go jail. Prithvi tries to relax her and asks Sanju to go to the hospital and kill doctor Seema. Sanju reaches the hospital and tries to kill Seema but suddenly a nurse comes there. He then follows Preetha and Karan who are taking doctor Seema home.

9:35 pm Prithvi and Sherlyn get the feeling that they will be finished after they get to know that Preeta was talking about that Doctor Seema was conscious. Following this both Sherlin and Prithvi seems to be in little tension. While Prithvi and Sherlyn think what they will do next as they are tense. Sherlyn seems to be more tensed thinking that if the doctor will tell the truth then even her mother will not forgive her.

9:39 pm Meanwhile, Sherlyn is still scared thinking that she might now land up in jail if the doctor will truth to everyone. She comes out and seems to nervous about the truth. Trying to ease out Sherlyn, Prithvi says that she will not go to jail and asks Sanju to help her. Sanju also seems to be overjoyed when Prithvi says that he has to reach to the hospital before Preetha and Karan reach there and kill doctor Seema because he also had an argument with them.

9:41 pm Even after Prithvi asks Sanju to control the situation, nothing seems to please Sherlyn and she starts bitting her nails. However, watching that Sherlyn is not taking easy, Prithvi asks her not do bite her nails. Sherlyn gets angry and says that Prithvi does not care whether she will go to jail or not as if she goes to jail then Prithvi will get a chance to live with Preeta because he was a cheater.

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9:46 pm Listening to this, Prithvi gets angry and tell Sherlyn that he only lives for her (Sherlyn) and will die to her. Hearing this, both end their argument and hug each other.

9:48 pm On the other side, Sanju who has been asked by Prithvi to kill doctor Seema reaches the hospital and tries to kill Seema saying that how weird is a doctor’s life. She will take her last breath at a place where she has worked for years. As he attempts to murder her by choking her breath, a nurse arrives in the room and shouts that someone was there in doctor Seema’s room who was trying to cause harm to the Seema.

9:51 pm Noticing this, both Preetha and Karan rush towards the hospital room and talk to a doctor about taking doctor Seema home. Sanju reports the entire matter to Prithvi who say that do worry kill her now. Sanju says that he can’t do it now as he will have to follow Karan and Preeta as both were taking the doctor home.

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9:55 pm While both Karan and Preeta are taking Seema home, they suspect that Sherlyn could be behind today act and talks about dropping Seema home. Preeta also mentions that she was about to see patients face who was with Seema after the doctor did not allow her to meet saying a patient was already there. However, Preeta says that she couldn’t seem the patient because Karan started to fight. Meanwhile, the episode ends with Karan in shocking appearance after he calls her mother to ask whether Preeta can stay at their house.

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