In the previous episode, Preeta goes to Luthra house for Rakhi and Mahesh’s anniversary celebration. She asks Rakhi to relax as she would take care of all arrangements. Karan tells her his plan and asks her to cooperate for the last time as he wants to bring out Prithvi’s truth.

9:30pm- Preeta agrees to listen to his plan. Karan tells her that his plan is to raid her house to look for something that makes it clear what is going on in Sherlyn’s life. Preeta is not at all happy with the plan and leaves. Srishti taunts her saying that she is scared and Preeta gets agitated. Karan asks her to come along and prove them wrong. 

9:35pm- Preeta agrees to go along with them only on the condition that if he proves to be wrong this time, he’ll stop doubting Prithvi. Karan agrees to her condition,

9:36pm- Sherlyn is thinking about Preeta’s popularity among everyone and is bothered by Karan and Preeta’s friendship. Sherlyn feels even Prithvi will fall for Preeta. She wants to do something so that Prithvi’s attention does not get diverted. 

9:39pm- Sherlyn pretends to be a good would-be-daughter-in-law but Rakhi asks her to relax as Preeta and Srishti have taken care of everything. Srishti, Karan and Preeta reach Sherlyn’s house. Karan tries to break the lock of her house but fails. Srishti tries to open the lock with her hairpin. 

9:43pm- Prithvi has forgotten his wallet at Sherlyn’s home and goes to take it from there. Sherlyn texts him to check where he is.

9:49pm- Rakhi tells everyone that he chachi is coming to the party. Dadi asks Rakhi where Preeta and Srishti are and she tells her she had sent Srishti to get ready. Sherlyn laughs off saying that they must’ve gone to the parlour to get ready so that they can impress rich boys. 

9:56pm- Karan, Srishti and Preeta enter Sherlyn’s house. Srishti fantasises about joining the police force. Karan calls them to Sherlyn’s bedroom. Preeta offers to check her laptop. Karan open her slam book and finds a photograph of Sherlyn and Prithvi.

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