In the previous episode, Karan’s team comes on to bat and everyone is playing extremely well till Prithvi sends Preeta to bowl so that Rishabh gets out. Karan comes in place of Rishabh and is to play his last shot now.

9:45pm- Karan hits his last shot and Prithvi gets hurt. Karan comes and tells him that he’d warned him not to challenge Karan.

9:48pm- everyone takes him inside and the attendant gives him an ice pack to put on his injury. Karan starts laughing at his plight. Prithvi accuses Karan of doing this intentionally. Everyone tries to pacify Prithvi but he doesn’t listen to anyone.

9:51pm- Karan is wondering to himself what a noob Prithvi was to have challenged him. Sherlyn comes in and starts shouting at Karan for having done this to Prithvi. Karan questions as to why she is so angry that Prithvi got hurt and what relationship does she share with him.

9:54pm- Karan tells Rishabh that Sherlyn had problems with Karan’s attitude and behaviour towards Prithvi.

10:00pm- Rishabh laughs it off and Sherlyn starts shouting on Rishabh too. She tells them that all this could lead to Prithvi calling off the relationship with Preeta. Karan says that he would be glad if this happened. 

10:02pm- Rakhi is apologetic to Sarla about Karan’s behaviour. Sarla says that she is tensed that Prithvi might have just felt too bad about this entire incident considering that he feels Karan did this on purpose. Rakhi suggests Preeta to go out and get Prithvi inside the house as she is his to-be wife.

10:04pm- Srishti tells Karan that she is the smartest and his biggest fan and she understands all his intentions.

10:11pm- Preeta goes outside to look for Prithvi but he is nowhere to be found. She plans to take the car and driver to look for him. Karan offers her to come along with her instead. She agrees to it.

10:13pm- Rakhi comes to the parking lot with Sherlyn to get something out of the car. She asks Preeta and Karan where they’re going and Preeta tells her that she is going to look for Prithvi.

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