In the previous episode, Karan persuades everyone to get the door of the trial room opened as he believes that Prithvi and Sherlyn are having an affair and they’ll find Sherlyn inside the trial room Prithvi just came out of. Despite Prithvi’s emotional blackmail to Preeta, the door is opened. Sherlyn is no where to be found in the trial room as she has managed to escape the trial room from the top as there is no celing for the same. Rishabh questions Karan and all the time, Karan tries to prove himself right. Rishabh apologises to Prithvi for having blamed him wrongfully. Sherlyn comes on the spot pretending to be unaware of everything. Everybody leaves for home. 

9:30pm- Rakhi tells Sarla that it is obvious that someone is against their family. She is in awe of how brave Janki is. She tells Sarla that it is important for Janki to be at Rishabh’s mehendi function in order for her to recognise who the person is. 

9:32pm- Prithvi and Preeta come out of the mall. A few kids come to sell balloons and roses to Preeta and she buys them all. Prithvi asks her to throw them away as they are unhygienic. Preeta flies them away, hoping whoever finds it, respects love.

9:36pm- Karan comes on the spot with his car, but Prithvi calls her back. The balloons fly and land on Karan’s car. Preeta is not in a happy mood. Prithvi tells Preeta that his anger towards Karan and Rishabh is valid as they blamed him wrongly. Preeta apologises on their behalf.

9:39pm- Prithvi makes his disdain against Karan apparent and asks her to stay away from Karan. He says that he dislikes when Karan interferes in their matters.

9:41pm- Prithvi is happy that he has been able to ward Preeta off from Karan. At his home, Karan recalls the happenings of the day. Rishabh asks Karan to open the door to his room. Karan is angry at him for having slapped him. Rishabh tries to explain why he did that but Karan cannot be pacified.

9:48pm- Rishabh tells Karan that he had to slap Karan so that Prithvi does not take out his anger on Preeta. Rishabh manages to pacify Karan, but Rishabh promises Karan that he’ll find out who Prithvi is in an affair with.

9:51pm- Prithvi and Preeta are going home in his car. Preeta hopes Prithvi does not ask Karan to apologise again. Preeta swears that she will not let Karan apologise to Prithvi again.

9:57pm- Prithvi drops Preeta home. She pleads him not to tell anything about what happened to Sarla but Prithvi refuses to comply to her pleas. Prithvi tells her that he is happy that Rishabh slapped Karan but Preeta objects against it. Preeta continues to plead Prithvi not to tell anything to Sarla. 

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