In the previous episode, Sherlyn tries to bad mouth about Srishti and Preeta but Rakhi stops her. Srishti, Preeta and Karan go to Sherlyn’s house in order to find an evidence against her and Prithvi. Prithvi has to go to Sherlyn’s house to take back his wallet. Karan finds a photograph of Sherlyn and Prithvi. 

9:30pm- Biji asks Sherlyn to keep quiet as she would not listen to anything against Preeta and Srishti. She dismisses all that she says as trying to joke around.

9:32pm- Prithvi reaches Sherlyn’s house. He goes inside to take his vault, after a lot of consideration as he feels her mom must’ve returned. Everyone is shocked to see the photograph but Preeta still does not believe that something must be going on between them. 

9:35pm- When Karan tells her that he saw them together in the car last night, Preeta thinks that they must’ve hidden because they are scared because they have been brought under scrutiny. 

9:37pm- Prithvi cannot find his wallet in the lobby room and decides to go to her room to look for it. Preeta justifies her view point  and Karan asks Preeta to read the slam book in order to believe him. 

9:39pm- Sherlyn’s mom comes back home and calls out to her. Hearing her, Prithvi gets alerted and so do Preeta, Karan and Srishti. They hide in the room and Prithvi enters the same room to hide. 

9:41pm- Sherlyn’s mom walks towards her room. Preeta and Karan hide inside her washroom. Srishti sees a man hiding in Sherlyn’s room too. She is curious to see who this man is. Sherlyn’s man sees a man trying to hide and feeling that he is a thief, she decides to pretend she is not alone at home.

9:50pm- Sherlyn’s mom calls Sherlyn to inform her that thieves have broken into the house. She sees him outside and calls out to him saying that she will hit him. Srishti feels that she has seen them and is trying to call the police.

9:52pm- Prithvi tries to call Sherlyn to tell her that he is in the house.

9:57pm- Sherlyn’s mom asks him to come outside. Prithvi leaves the house but she can’t figure out so she decides to go out and sit in the car. Prithvi calls Sherlyn and tells her that it was him. Sherlyn’s mom calls her and tells her that she has informed the police.

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