In the previous episode, Karan hits his last shot hard and Prithvi gets injured. Prithvi accuses Karan of doing this intentionally and storms out of the house in anger. Rakhi suggests Preeta to go bring him inside but when Preeta goes out, he is nowhere to be found. Preeta and Karan go out to look for him in a car.

9:30pm- Karan asks Preeta to relax but she is tensed as prithvi has gone out alone at night. Preeta, however, tells Karan that he did not do the right thing by hitting Prithvi intentionally. 

9:33pm- Karan tells Preeta that Prithvi is not adequate match for him as he couldn’t even handle a ball so how is he to handle a girl like him. 

9:35pm- Sherlyn calls Prithvi to ask him where he is but instead he starts shouting on her. Sherlyn tells him that Karan and Preeta have gone out to look for him. Prithvi tells her that if they don’t call him, he’ll create an issue.

9:37pm- Karan taunts Preeta about Prithvi and makes fun if him. The car breaks down in the middle of the road. Preeta asks Karan to do something about it and Karan tells her that he does not know how to repair the car. Karan calls the mechanic but his phone’s battery goes dead.

9:41pm- Srishti is standing in the balcony when Sameer comes out and tries to scare her. However, she does not get scared. She attributes her courage to her father.

9:48pm- Sameer confronts Srishti of the time when she got him drunk on bhang on holi. He asks Srishti whether she proposed to Karan under the influence of bhang. He tells her that Karan told him that Srishti’s proposal was for Sameer. Srishti denies it and runs away. Sameer realises that Srishti loves him.

9:51pm- Srishti is glad that she admitted her love for Sameer in front of him. 

9:55pm- Srishti is happy and dancing around in the house when she collides with Sherlyn. Sherlyn taunts Srishti on her way of celebrating her happiness.

9:56pm- Karan shouts at Preeta for not carrying her mobile phone with her. Preeta suggests him to wait for the mechanic as she is hopeful that he’ll come to their help. Preeta suggests that they should walk forward a little bit, what if they find a mechanic shop nearby.

9:59pm- Preeta suggests him to push forward the car in the hope that they car will start on its own.

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