In the previous episode, Preeta goes to talk to Kritika about Akshay and his behaviour but the latter dismisses it. Rakhi asks Karan to drop Preeta and her family to their house. Neel and his men break into the Luthra house and kidnap Srishti. Preeta and her family are shocked to see the house in a chaotic state when they reach home. 

9:30pm- Preeta thinks that someone broke into their house and robbed them. She goes to see Janki and are tensed to see her in the state she is in. They ask her what happened and whether robbers broke into their house. 

9:32pm- Everybody starts looking for Srishti but she is nowhere to be found. Preeta calls on Srishti’s mobile but her phone is also at home. Pragya concludes that Srishti has been kidnapped. She blames herself for not having picked up her call.

9:34pm- Karan calls Rishabh and asks him to come to the police station nearest to Preeta’s house.

9:35pm- Srishti pleads Neel’s men not to tie her down and she’ll not tell anything to anyone. Neel asks her to shut up.

9:37pm- Neel calls Prithvi to inform him that he can pull him out of the possible mess that could’ve been created as someone saw them committing Tapsee’s murder. He asks him for more money to pull him out by killing the witness. Sherlyn tells Prithvi that it is possible that Neel is just making up stories to get more money out of him.

9:41pm- At the police station, Preeta complains about that Srishti is missing. The police inspector emphasises on the possibility that Srishti might have eloped with someone. He gives various possibilities but Karan gets agitated and starts shouting at the inspector. Preeta takes him out so that thy stop arguing. 

9:50pm- Karan is agitated at the inspector’s attitude towards the fact that Srishti is missing. He is not ready to get pacified. Preeta asks him to let Rishabh handle this. 

9:52pm- Rishabh asks the inspector to listen to their problem carefully and do whatever that is to be done. the inspector refuses to lodge a complaint before 24 hours. Rishabh and Sarla leave. 

9:57pm- Neel sends Srishti’s picture to Prithvi to prove his authenticity.

9:58pm- Sarla asks everyone to go back home as the inspector has refused to lodge a complaint before 24 hours.

9:59pm- Prithvi and Sherlyn are shocked to see Srishti’s picture.

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