In the previous episode, Rishabh slaps Karan in order to stop the fight Karan and Prithvi enter into, as Sherlyn is not found to be in the trial room, as Karan had been saying. Everybody decides to go back home. On their way back to the parking lot, Prithvi asks Preeta to cut off all contacts with Karan as he does not like him and feels that he unnecessarily interferes in their matters. Rishabh tries to pacify Karan, who is raging after the episode at the shopping mall. Rishabh promises him that he will not back down until he finds out who Prithvi is having an affair with. Preeta pleads Prithvi not to tell any of what happened at the amll to Sarla but Prithvi does not comply to her pleas. Rakhi tells Sarla that it is very important for Janki to attend the mehendi ceremony as she might be able to identify who is the person who is trying to harm both the families. 

9:30pm- Prithvi agrees not to tell Sarla anything on the condition that Preeta will never believe whatever anyone says of him and will always trust him. They go inside the house and Prithvi gifts them outfits too. Preeta asks about Janki and Sarla tells them that Rakhi had come home. Sarla tells her that Janki also responded to their questions. Hearing this, Prithvi is shocked. 

9:34pm- Biji asks Prithvi to come see Janki but he refuses saying that he is tired. Preeta pleads him to come along but at that moment, Prithvi receives a call from Sherlyn. He goes out to take the call sayng that it is an important one, in order to evade meeting Janki.

9:37pm- As he is talking on the phone, Srishti comes in and tells him very clearly that she doubts his intentions. Preeta comes in and stops her. Prithvi tells her that he urgently needs to leave for his office. After he leaves, Preeta scolds Srishti for acting this way. Srishti asks her why she is upset. Preeta tells her that she is upset because Karan is not talking to her. Srishti asks why she is giving such importance to Karan. Sarla calls Preeta.

9:42pm- Srishti calls Karan and starts telling him that Preeta is sad as he is not talking to her. Srishti asks him to come over and start talking to Preeta again. Srishti is happy that she came up with this plan. Preeta calls her for dinner and Srishti intentionally drops chutney on her so that she is forced to change her outfit. 

9:49pm- Preeta asks Srishti why she has decorated the room so much, and she manages to cover up. Karan comes home and knocks at their window. Srishti leaves them alone. Karan tells Preeta that he is here because Srishti told him that she was missing him.

9:57pm- Preeta tries to send him away but he asks her why did she become so upset that Karan was not talking to her. He gives her the gift that he bought for her. She opens it and it is a box which, when opened, plays “I love you”. Preeta is shocked. 

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