In the previous episode, Preeta infers that Srishti has been kidnapped. Everyone goes to the police station to lodge a complaint. Karan loses his cool as the inspector does not pay heed to their problem and goes on to ramble stories. Rishabh talks to the inspector politely and the inspector refuses to lodge a complaint before 24 hours. Neel demands for more money from Prithvi in order to kill the witness of Tapsee’s murder whose picture he sends to him. 

9:30pm- Sherlyn and Prithvi are shocked to see Srishti’s photo. Prithvi blames Sherlyn for all the problems that are following. He asks her to shut up so that he can think of something to do. He decides to call Neel and instruct him to murder Srishti. 

9:35pm- When they return home, Biji asks about Srishti and Rishabh tells her that the police will not lodge a complaint before 24 hours. Preeta wants Srishti to come back as soon as possible. Karan and Rishabh promise her that they’ll bring her back. 

9:37pm- Everyone goes to Janki’s room to nquire about the person who must’ve kidnapped her. Janki responds to all their questions through actions. They soon realise that it was Neel who kidnapped her. Preeta narrates the entire Neel episode to Karan. 

9:40pm- Sarla suggests Karan and Rishabh to take police along so that none of their lives are in danger but Karan and Rishabh tell her that they must not report to police as they might get involved in saving Neel. 

9:48pm- Rishabh promises Sarla that he’ll make everything alright and they leave the house.

9:49pm- Mahesh goes to ask Sameer whether Karan or Rishabh have called. Sameer refuses. Rakhi comes to ask about their whereabouts and Mahesh says that he has sent them outside.

9:52pm- Srishti shouts at Neel’s men and threatens to bring their truth out to everyone.

9:57pm- Neel’s mother calls him and asks him to come home. He leaves Srishti in others’ custody.

9:59pm- They knock at Neel’s door but he does not open the door. Just as Karan is about to to break the door, someone opens the door.


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