In the previous episode, Karan arranges for a birthday party for Kareena and invites Preeta, Srishti and Prithvi in the hope of unveiling Prithvi’s truth. He invites Tapsee too for the same purpose as he feels she may assist him. Preeta thinks of her as just another one of Karan’s girlfriend.

9:30pm- Tapsee collides with Preeta and is disgruntled. Karan takes her away. Karan takes her to his room where Tapsee declares that she does not want to get back with Prithvi.

9:32pm- Karan persuades her for his own good and feels that he must do good and tells Tapsee that she must help him do this. He tells her that this is her only chance to get Prithvi back. Tapsee agrees and asks him what his plan is. Karan tells his plan to her and she agrees to follow it.

9:35pm- Rishabh calls on stage a salsa dancer who’d help them to dance. He calls everyone onto the dance floor. Sherlyn says that Prithvi knows how to do salsa. He is forced to go onto the stage to showcase his talent.

9:39pm- Tapsee shows her interest in being Prithvi’s dance partner. Preeta is happy seeing Prithvi perform so well. However, during the dance, Prithvi falls down. Karan laughs at him and Prithvi challenges him to do the same. Karan says that he’ll dance with his partner i.e. Preeta. Karan asks Preeta for a dance.

9:49pm- Karan and Preeta dance together.

9:51pm- After the dance, Karan goes to Prithvi and mentions that he can win any challenge. As he walks away, Tapsee falls into Prithvi’s arms. Seeing this, Sherlyn walks away in anger. 

9:56pm- Karan sets up cameras in the room in which he wants Tapsee and Prithvi to come so that his plan can be realised. Karan asks a waiter to drop food on Prithvi. Kareena asks Prithvi to use her washroom if he wants to clean up. Karan suggests that he shouldn’t use her room.  

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