In the previous episode, Preeta realises that it must be Neel who kidnapped Srishti. Rishabh, Karan and Preeta go to his house to confront him. Upon seeing Srishti’s picture as the witness of the murder, Prithvi thinks of asking Neel to kill her so that she does not let the truth out.

9:30pm- Someone opens the door to Neel’s house. Neel has to leave Srishti alone with his men and Srishti threatens him to open the rope once and see what she can do.

9:33pm- Preeta, Karan and Rishabh enter the house and start looking for Srishti. Neel’s brother tells them that he is not in town since the last evening and his mother asks everyone to move out of her house. Sameer calls Rishabh and he tells him that Srishti has been kidnapped. Sameer says that he’ll be there. Neel tells Srishti that he has been paid to kill her.

9:37pm- Sameer tells everyone that he heard Srishti shouting when he came to drop Panditji and narrates the entire incident to them. A nearby stall owner tells them he saw Neel in the morning and tells them the location where he saw him. 

9:40pm- Prithvi goes to give the money to Neel. Sameer asks Preeta why Neel kidnapped her and she narrates the entire episode to them. Hearing about Neel’s inappropriate behaviour with Preeta, everyone leaves to find Srishti.

9:48pm- Karan promises to himself that he’ll make sure Neel suffers for his actions. Rishabh promises her that they’ll find Srishti.

9:50pm- Neel calls Prithvi to ask him to come and give money soon. Srishti wonders who it is who is ready to pay in order to kill her. Srishti shouts through the phone and challenges him to come face to face and talk to her.

9:56pm- Prithvi asks Neel not to reveal his name to her at any cost and offers him more money for the same. Srishti pleads him to tell him the name of the person who is ready to pay for his murder but he refuses. Although, he gives her the hint that he is someone really close to her.

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