In the previous episode, Karan manages to rope in Tapsee on his new plan. He sets up the room in which he apprehends Prithvi would come and his plan would get realised. Karan and Prithvi get into a verbal brawl.

9:31pm- Karan tells Kareena that Preeta wanted to meet Prithvi alone for sometime. Sherlyn hears this and decides to go and check the guests’ room. Karan asks Tapsee to go to the guests’ room and Preeta sees this.

9:33pm- Sameer thanks Srishti for the day she took him home and dressed his injuries. Sameer asks whether Sarla was really angry seeing them together like that. Srishti asks him to relax. Srishti hints at him for displaying his emotions.

9:36pm- Tapsee and Sherlyn get into a verbal brawl over Prithvi. Tapsee tells her that she must not challenge her to get back with Prithvi. Karan spots her and asks her to hurry up and go to the guest room. He is adamant on getting his plan into shape this time,

9:41pm- When Prithvi comes out of the restroom, Tapsee is waiting for him. She pretends that her head is aching and Prithvi asks her to sit down and relax.

9:42pm- Karan asks Preeta to come along with him but Preeta refuses to do so as she is not her toy.

9:48pm- Preeta tells Karan that instead of being grateful to her for her help to him, he behaves badly with her. Preeta is angry at him and asks him to take along his newly found girlfriend. Karan points out that all this is bothering her.

9:51pm- Sherlyn gets tensed that Tapsee might someday get to know that she is getting married to Rishabh, despite being Prithvi’s girlfriend. She wants to go and talk to Prithvi about this but Kareena engages her in something else.

9:56pm- Tapsee tells Prithvi that his concern for her is all that she needs and she wants to relive their olden days.

9:58pm- Karan suggests that they go and fight in the guests’ room as everyone is looking at them. Pragya falls into Karan’s trap and goes to the guests’ room.

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