Kundali Bhagya 17 July 2018 Full Episode Written Updates: In the previous episode Kundali Bhagya, Karan and Preeta bring the doctor to the Luthra house. Sameer asks them what they’ve been upto. They tell him that the happenings of the day and he offers to help them. Karan asks him to stay awake all through the night to make sure that no one comes inside the room. Sameer calls Srishti to tease her that he is smart enough to be a part of Karan and Preeta’s plan. Prithvi’s goon comes to the Luthra house.

9:30pm- Sherlyn asks Prithvi to go ahead and kill the doctor so that she cannot bring forth their truth. Prithvi asks her to go instead as she seems so interested and all the problems have arisen because of her.

9:34pm- Prithvi calls his goon and asks him to kidnap the doctor and not try to murder her as the people in Luthra house are very very alert. He asks him to be alert and Sherlyn asks him to complete the task he has been hired for as soon as possible.

9:36pm- The goon decides to close the doors from outside so that no one can come outside. Sameer comes to check on Preeta and seeing her asleep, he feels that Srishti must be right after all and Karan and Preeta are just making a fool out of him by getting their work done.

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9:38pm- The goon enters the doctor’s room and hides. Sameer opens the door to Karan’s room and goes to sleep beside him. Kareena wakes up in the middle of the night and sees the doctor sleeping in the guest room She decides to talk about it in the morning with Karan. The goon goes behind her to lock her in her room. 

9:43pm- Prithvi and Sherlyn enter into a brawl as Prithvi cannot reach through to the goon.

9:50pm- The goon calls Prithvi and confirms whether he just has to kidnap the doctor. 

9:58pm- Preeta wakes up in the middle of the night and decides to go and check up on the doctor. 

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