In the previous episode, Neel’s brother tells Prithvi, Karan and Preeta tha he is not in town since the previous evening but a nearby stall owner tells them otherwise. He also specifies the place where he saw him last. Rishabh informs Sameer of Srishti’s kidnapping and he comes to extend help immediately. Preeta tells them about Neel’s obscene behaviour with her and Rishabh and Karan promise her that they’ll put him in place. Prithvi asks Neel to murder Srishti in exchange for a huge sum of money.

9:30pm- Srishti pleads Neel to tell him the name of the person who is paying him to kill her. Neel refuses.

9:31pm- Everyone reaches the spot and they get out of the car to rescue Srishti. Preeta spots Srishti’s bracelet fallen on the ground and they realise that Srishti must be inside the building only. They tread into the building carefully.

9:36pm- Preeta makes a minor voice and Neel’s men get alert. One of them tells them that someone is going to come with money.

9:37pm- Everyone hears Srishti’s cries of asking them to open the rope tied around her. Rishabh brings everyone outside the building and Preeta starts crying. Karan wants to take a drastic step but Rishabh stops him. Karan is agitated as he cannot see Preeta crying. 

9:40pm- Karan comes up with a plan for roleplay to scare off the goons. Everyone disagrees with Karan’s plan saying that it is a very bad plan. Karan asks them to come up with a plan and everyone has to finally agree to his plan as they cannot come up with another plan. Karan tells Preeta that she’ll have to apologise to Karan for calling his plan a flop.

9:50pm- Sarla is tensed as to what must be happening with Srishti. Rakhi and Mahesh reach Arora house and asks what’s wrong. Rakhi asks what has happened with Srishti and Sarla narrates the entire incident to Rakhi. Rakhi calls Sameer to ask about their whereabouts.

9:56pm- Rakhi asks Sameer where they are and Sameer tells her about their whereabouts. Rakhi asks him to take care and hangs up the phone. Rakhi conveys it to Mahesh and asks him to come along to help them rescue Srishti.

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