In the previous episode, Janki tries to communicate to Biji that Prithvi is the one who had tried to kill her. However,Biji thinks that she’s trying to say that Prithvi might know who that person is. Srishti suggests that maybe it was Prithvi himself who’d tried to kill her but Sarla dismisses her. 

9:30pm- Karan goes to Tapsee’s house and Tapsse tells him that she is not scared that Prithvi won’t come back to her, as she feels he already has. However, Karan says that he had come to give her the invitation card for Prithvi’s engagement. 

9:34pm- Srishti is evidently sad and Preeta asks her why she is unhappy. Srishti tells her that she is not glad that she is getting engaged to Prithvi. She tells Preeta that she has enough time to change her mind. Srishti tells her that she feels that Preeta deserves a lot better than Prithvi. She says she deserves Karan.

9:39pm- Preeta asks Srishti to keep quiet but Srishti asks her to consider her decision. Preeta denies that she does not have time to reconsider her decision as all her decisions will impact all her near and dear ones. Srishti has given up on trying to convince Preeta.

9:46pm- Sarla is frantically going around making sure all the work gets done on time. Seeing her so hyper, Srishti feels she”ll get a little calmed down when she sees Preeta. She sends Sarla to Preeta’s room on the pretext that Preeta is not able to find her jewellery.

9:54pm- Sarla gets emotional seeing Pragya dressed up and looking so beautiful. Srishti asks Sarla to relax and leave all the work to her.

9:57pm- Karan watches the video that was recorded in the guest room and realises that the video has captured a lot of stuff but Prithvi is not saying anything in the video. He realises that Prithvi might as well turn table onto him. He wants Tapsee to be angry and take out her anger on Prithvi. 

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