Kundali Bhagya 25 June 2018 Full Episode Written Updates: In the previous episode, Sherlyn tells everyone that she only fainted due to severe acidity as she was following a diet. She asks everyone to go back home. Karan is still not satisfied with how things panned out and wants to soon bring forth the truth. Rishabh asks Sherlyn whether all this was true. 

9:30pm- Preeta shouts at Karan saying that his plans always fail as he is wrong. Karan tells her that he knows she does not want to admit that Prithvi is wrong as she fears her wedding getting broken. Preeta says she’ll believe him if she finds something in Sherlyn’s slam book.

9:33pm- Prithvi reprimands Sherlyn for acting so weird and stupid. Sherlyn and Prithvi enter into a fight as Sherlyn says she feels Prithvi is getting attracted to Preeta. Sherlyn calls for a break as she can’t handle Prithvi.

9:37pm- Srishti goes to Janki and tells her what she thinks about Sherlyn and Prithvi. She mentions the slam book and the photograph they found. Janki wishes she had acted smartly when she had time as Preeta’slife would’ve been easier then. Preeta comes to feed Janki and sends Srishti off to sleep. 

9:41pm- Preeta tells Janki that she’ll immediately break off the marriage if Janki asks her too. She won’t even question her. 

9:42pm- Prithvi tries to pacify Sherlyn but all in vain. Sherlyn goes home and figures out that someone actually broke into her house. Prithvi decides to call the police.

9:50pm- Rishabh is looking for something in his cupboard and Preeta’s photograph falls out of a file of his. He reminisces all the moments he has had with Preeta. He remembers agreeing to marry Preeta if her marriage gets cancelled. Karan sees Rishabh looking at someone’s picture.

9:56pm- Karan goes to ask Rishabh who’s picture it is and Rishabh tries to hide it from him. Rishabh mentions it is Sherlyn’s picture but Karan does not believe him.

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