In the previous episode, Sherlyn tells Prithvi that she needs a break from him as she feels he has started liking Preeta. Karan catches Rishabh looking at someone’s pictures and when asked, Rishabh says it is Sherlyn’s. Preeta tells Janki that she would immediately call off the wedding if she asks her to.

9:30pm- Sherlyn’s mom calls out to her when she enters the house. Prithvi immediately hides. Sherlyn asks her if she found any evidence against the thieves. When her mom refuses, she goes to her room saying that she needs to take rest. 

9:32pm- In the room, Sherlyn checks her jewellery as she fears the thieves might have stolen it. Finding it intact, she is relieved. Prithvi suggests the possibility that Karan and Preeta might’ve broken into her house. He asks her to check all her belongings. Sherlyn realises that her slam book is missing. 

9:36pm- Prithvi and Sherlyn are scared as to what would happen if they get the slam book opened. Prithvi blames Sherlyn again as it is because of her, that they are in such a problem. 

9:38pm- Karan tries to open the slam book but there is a knock on the door. Chachi comes in and Karan tries to talk to her as he feels she might be able to help him. Chachi asks him whether he feels the same way as she does about Sherlyn and Prithvi. Karan agrees that he does. She asks Karan to get Rishabh to call off his marriage. She also asks Karan to marry Preeta but he dismisses it.

9:44pm- Prithvi is distressed about what would happen if things don’t turn in their favour. 

9:51pm- Prithvi breaks into Preeta’s house through Janki’s room. He starts taunting her and tells her that he is not scared of her now that she can’t do him any wrong. 

9:57pm- Prithvi taunts Janki but this time she retaliates.