In the previous episode, Prithvi manages to cover himself up by saying that he had bought the necklace for Pragya. Karan knows that he is lying and swears to bring out his truth. Sherlyn pretends to be really hurt and Rakhi asks Rishabh to apologise but he refuses.

9:30pm- Mahesh and Rakhi express their love towards each other. Rishabh says he is feeling proud that they are his parents as they know the meaning of true of love. Kritika wonders how her married life will turn out to be. Rishabh thinks how he liked Preeta the same way. He wonders if he’d be happy after getting married to Sherlyn.

9:34pm- Sherlyn taunts Preeta about how she does not deserve a man like Prithvi as he continuously forgives Preeta despite her mistakes. Karan comes in and tells Preeta that Prithvi is wrong and he knows that he and Sherlyn are together. Srishti comes in and Karan tells her the story. Srishti believes Karan’s story.

9:38pm- Karan tells her that she heard Sherlyn call Prithvi. Preeta does not believe him. Karan makes it clear to her why he thinks so.

9:41pm: Rakhi invites Prithvi home for their anniversary party. In Prithvi’s car, Sherlyn is thankful that they got saved. Prithvi is proud of his thinking capabilities that he could come up with a good plan to save themselves.

9:45pm- Karan sees Prithvi and Sherlyn together in the car and turns around to see them. Karan swears to bring out Prithvi’s truth and comes up with a plan.

9:52pm- Preeta tells Srishti that she is seeing Srishti taking Karan’s side these days. Srishti makes it clear that she dislikes Prithvi. 

9:56pm- Srishti and Preeta reach home and Sarla observes that they are angry with each other. When she asks, Preeta dismisses it saying that Srishti and Karan have a problem with Prithvi’s choice. She shows her the necklace but Sarla asks her to return it.

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