Kundali Bhagya 9 July 2018 Full Episode Written Updates: In the previous episode Kundali Bhagya, Karan confronts Prithvi that he knows he is the father of Sherlyn’s child. Prithvi gets agitated at this claim and starts fighting with him. Preeta asks them to stop. She has convinced the doctor to help her out. Hearing this, Sherlyn hits the doctor and she faints.

9:30pm- Prithvi tries to prove his innocence to Preeta by calling up his mom. He tells her he told her that she saw Preeta coming in to the hospital with Karan. Karan instead suggests that they must go inside the doctor’s cabin to which Preeta agrees. Prithvi is in a dilemma as to what to do. 

9:33pm- They go inside the doctor’s cabin and Karan and Preeta bombard her with questions to which she does not respond. They turn around the chair and she that she has fainted. Preeta instantly realises that this is someone’s doing. Karan suggests searching the cabin. Preeta sees a cupboard door slightly ajar and goes ahead to open it. A nurse comes in and seeing the doctor unconscious, she calls out to other nurses and the ward boy. Prithvi is glad that they’ve been saved. 

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9:42pm- Prithvi is hugs Sherlyn and is glad that she was smart enough to hide herself in the doctor’s cabin. Everyone comes inside with another doctor and Sherlyn goes into hiding again. The doctor takes checks her and says that she is not responding to his treatment. Preeta is tensed as to what has happened to the doctor all of a sudden.

9:49pm- Rakhi goes to Karan’s room to call him for lunch. In the room, Rakhi sees Sherlyn’s torn photo lying on the floor. Sameer goes to talk to Rakhi about it. Rakhi tells Sameer that she is tensed that it is clear that Karan does not like Sherlyn. 

9:57pm-  Sameer tells Rakhi that Karan tore the photograph because he does not like Sherlyn’s dressing sense. Karan goes back to the cabin to look for something that would provide him a lead.

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