Haider director Vishal Bhardwaj believes that the ties between India and Pakistan can mend if we focus on culture. The music composer was in Karachi to attend the Pakistan International Film Festival (PIFF) for being a part of multiple panel discussions that also featured various other artists from Pakistan and India. Bhardwaj was quoted saying to a leading daily, “I think this (culture) is the only way to bring normalcy between the two countries; more and more cultural events can bridge the gap. And it’s very sad that we are always at loggerheads. We all are alike; if we come together we’ll be such a great force in the world in terms of everything culturally, economically as well as politically.”

 “I think we will eventually have to come back to reality sooner or later. I think it will get smooth with time because culture is the only way possible. Generally, there are two ways to bridge the gap: cultural and political. Politics is failing in achieving that for a long time. In fact, the political situation has been affecting cultural exchanges too. Therefore, culture should be left alone. There is a need for tolerance and acceptance from both ends. It has to be a two-way thing otherwise it won’t work,” he further added.

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He even talked about the fan followings Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan has in India. He was quoted saying “If bias against Pakistani actors had been there, the masses wouldn’t have gone to watch their films. So, there is nothing against them in the heart of masses. Whatever else is there, it is politically motivated otherwise how would have Fawad become a superstar in India?” “It is going very good. I love Pakistan; whenever I come here, I find a reason to come back again. I didn’t find any changes; the only change I found is that the love for us has increased,” he added.

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