After millions of girls from all over the world joined the #metoo campaign which started to denounce sexual assault and harassment, in the wake of sexual misconduct against women from across the world, Bollywood actress Vidya Balan joined the campaign. The Tumhari Sulu actress shared her awful experience of sexual assault. She opened up about the harassment she faced as a young woman. But she probably was unaware of the retaliation and dirty response which she would receive. In an interview to a daily, Vidya narrated her story of sexual harassment when a man in an army uniform ogled at her breasts at VT station in Mumbai when she was in college and made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

After staring at her breasts for a while, when the army man winked at her, Vidya lost her cool and went up to him to say his behaviour was inappropriate. Vidya also reminded the officer of his duty to protect the nation. Vidya revealed during the entire episode, her friend kept her telling her to let go, but she did not back down and stood up for herself. This makes Vidya Balan a strong headed woman who can take a stand for herself and won’t tolerate any man sexually assaulting her only because they think that she is a woman and that she won’t be able to fight back.

However, her statement did not go well with some people and it was expected that some narrow-minded people who think women are nothing else but a sex toy or a baby-making machine, retaliated. A man wearing the army uniform made a video to slut-shame the actress. In the video, the ‘so-called’ jawan shamelessly spoke ill about Vidya, her choice of movies and the kinds of clothes she wears in her films. He targeted her films like The Dirty Picture and Ishqiya to justify the shameless act which happened with her saying that when she can wear ‘vulgar’ and ‘revealing clothes in her films, why does she have a problem with anyone staring at her breasts. He added that she is nothing more than a product of the gutter that Bollywood is. He claimed that she takes money to take her clothes off so if the army jawan would have offered her money to stare at her breasts, it would have been ok with her.

This shameless and disgusting video has been uploaded on the Facebook page by the name Youth BJP and has bee shared for 24,000 times in a span of 19 hours. In the string of comments on the video, some call Vidya a prostitute and others hail the man for a ‘fitting’ reply to the actress.  

ब्रेकिंग- विद्या बालन को सेना के जवान का मुंहतोड़ जवाब,जिसे सुन विद्या का मुंह शर्म से लाल हो जायेगा।।इतना शेयर करो कि ये वीडियो विद्या बालन तक पहुंच जरूर जाए। #RAHUL_SANGWAN

Posted by Youth BJP on Thursday, 9 November 2017