Mann Bairagi: After inciting the audience with his last directorial project Padmaavat, Sanjay Leela Bhansali is back with his roar with a new film titled Mann Bairagi. It seems that after Modi’s ardent fans celebration on his birthday by cutting cakes, the film industry wants to mark PM Modi’s birthday in a special way by showcasing the insights of Narendra Modi’s life through a film. Recently, Telugu star Prabhas and Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar shared the first look poster which has created a buzz on the Internet.

The film is directed by Ssanjay Tripaathy and is co-produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Mahaveer Jain. Recently, Mahaveer revealed that Modi will not watch the film. He further said that he doesn’t like reading and watching about him in books and films. Though he is happy with the fact that the industry is planning to make another film on him, unfortunately, he will not watch the film.

Talking about the film, it narrates that phase of PM’s life which not many people know about or it is not publicized yet. The film is about Modi’s defined phase that changed his life as well as the direction of it. Talking about the director, Sanjay Tripathi is among those talented filmmakers who are known for various documentaries and shows on Discovery and BBC channel.

Take a look at a first look poster of the film–

The producer also revealed that the director and writer wrote the script with utmost honesty and sincerity and there are no commercial motives behind the making the film Mann Bairagi. The makers further said that Modi is an influencer and millions of people are inspired by him, so there is a need that people should know the moment when Modi decided to dedicate his life for the nation.

Though earlier a film has already been dedicated to Narendra Modi starring Vivek Oberoi during Lok Sabha elections, the filmmaker decided to showcase the unpopular part about Modi’s life. The film will hit the silver screens this December.

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