These two beautiful sisters are full of life, enterprising and want to keep pushing the envelope. Meet 16-year-old Khushi Kothari and 21-year-old Natasha Kothari who were busy not just with their studies but also producing films! The two young girls were keen on getting into the film industry but being Gujarati decided that making a new age commercial Gujarati film would be the way to go. In this exclusive chat with Latha Srinivasan, the talented and creative sisters talk about their film, being producers and what next for them.

NewsX: How did you two decide to become film producers?
Natasha: I am inspired by my parents and the power that media has when it comes to redefining cultures, inspiring people and just discovering emotions. I wanted to be a part of this industry creatively and create content that people want to watch which is why I decided to produce my first Gujarati film.
Khushi: Since our parents are in the same industry, we have grown up by going on sets. Watching them work their hardest, giving brilliant media products we were also inclined to give back our side of the creativity.

NewsX: Why a Gujarati film?
Natasha: Why not? Regional films are breaking language barriers and are being accepted enthusiastically by the youth of today. I believe that if the content of the film is good it doesn’t matter what language the story is being told in.
Khushi: One of the main reasons behind it is that we wanted to show a different side of Gujarati films and produce something that breaks the stereotypical portrayal of Gujarati movies. Showcasing a story that connects with the youth today in a different language.

NewsX: How did you decide on the script?
Natasha: Chintan Naresh Shah our writer and director has curated this fabulous script, it’s a story that makes me feel all emotions at once but leaves me feeling happy in the end, it’s all you want in a movie.
Khushi: We were on the lookout for something refreshing and youthful and the script of The Reunions was exactly that, with elements of fun, excitement and laughter.

NewsX: What is The Reunions all about?
Natasha: It’s a story about friends coming together in adulthood after falling out in college; only to come back and find solace amongst one another. Each character is so well defined and has a very relatable story.
Khushi: As the name suggests it’s about a group of people reuniting after a decade and the sea of emotions they are going through as relationships amongst them have altered.

NewsX: Being so young, do you find it challenging being producers? What are some of the challenges?
Natasha: Of course, it was very challenging. Especially to be taken seriously because we are young and because we are women. People doubted whether we would be able to pull something like this off and even on set sometimes I have been dismissed because a certain someone didn’t think my I knew what I was doing but it’s all part and parcel of following your dreams.
Khushi: Being a producer is definitely a very challenging job as one deals with everything under the sun but it was and is an amazing experience as we are getting to learn and work with such talented people. Since I’m still in college, it’s a tedious task to balance my studies and the movie but I’m definitely giving my best and my all to this movie as it’s very dear to my heart.

NewsX: How much are you involved in the film shoot?
Natasha: We were in Rajkot for the majority of the shoot.
Khushi: My sister and I were involved from the very beginning. From the stage of locking the script and deciding to take it on the floor, to being present during all the casting decisions, workshops and till the stage of shooting in Rajkot.

NewsX: Did neither of you think of taking up acting?
Natasha: I think I’m more of a behind the screen person, I can’t emote as well as I can create.
Khushi: For now we are focusing on production and our movie and are also entering music. We haven’t yet thought about anything else so we’ll go with the flow and see what opportunities come our way.

News X: The Reunions is releasing in September. What plans for the release?
Natasha: We plan to have a worldwide release and garner the support of Gujarati film industry to make The Reunions a success.
Khushi: We are extremely excited for it as it’s our first step into the industry. A lot of surprises are going to be coming your way as the release date approaches so watch out.

NewsX: Finally, what’s your advice to other young producers?
Natasha and Khushi: Follow your dreams, chase them and don’t be afraid to make a difference and as we were once told, ‘somebody will always be better then you but you have to be your best’.

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