Mehwish Hayat and Priyanka Chopra controversy held the headline a month ago in which the Pakistani actress Mehwish trolled Priyanka for her Jai Hind tweet. But, this time Mehwish is in headlines not for her another controversy but for posing with Priyanka’s husband Nick Jonas. Ms. Hayat and Nick were in New York for the Men’s semi-final at the Arthur Ashe Stadium. And, from the picture, it seems that the Pakistani actress was happy to meet Nick Jonas and avoided the awkward encounter by clicking a picture with Priyanka’s husband.

Mehwish tweeted her picture with the American singer and wrote that she ran into Nick while they both agreed that they were rooting for Rafael Nadal.

Hayat is a critic of Priyanka and last month she trolled Chopra for her Jai Hind tweet when there was Balakot airstrike going on and Priyanka confronted her and said war is not something that she is fond of but she is patriotic, so she said sorry if she has hurt the sentiments of the people and made a statement for Mehwish that the way she came up to her, she should not yell and added we are all here for love.

Mehwish is also a critic of Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt and recently she posted that the song Prada of Alia Bhatt is a copy of Pakistani song Goray Rang Ka Zamana. She was also accusing Shah Rukh Khan of promoting Bard Of Blood and said it is an anti-Pakistani project.

Mehwish Hayat is famous for her work in films like Actor In Law and Load Wedding.

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