Latest to take the Bollywood industry by #MeToo storm is actress and former model Niharika Singh who has shared a long post about her various MeToo moments while she was in the industry. In the series of tweets shared by a journalist, Niharika has named Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Sajid Khan and Bhushan Kumar in her exploiting experiences as a model and a struggling actress.

Niharika started her post pointing towards daily harassment from roads, public buses, college campuses to anonymous stalkers when she was in Delhi for higher studies, then moved to the “lecherous” model coordinators and photographers and how she finally moved to Mumbai.

From her sister’s abusive boyfriend to her first big movie contract from Raj Kanwar. She tells it all. Her sister being close to being raped and how Kanwar who signed a 10-film contract entrapped her so that she couldn’t work with anyone else, Niharika reveals it all in her post.

Regarding her MeToo moment with filmmaker Bhushan Kumar, she revealed that it was Kumar who got her out from Kanwar’s contract but the same night wanted to know her more, and when she proposed a double date, meaning she would come with her boyfriend, Bhushan never replied back.

Her biggest revelation has come for Nawazuddin, whom she met in the latter’s struggling years in the Industry. Niharika met him at the sets of Miss Lovely and was intrigued by his camera presence and later moved in a relationship with him.


Niharika points out a time when Nawaz grabbed her and tried to force her way with her, she eventually gave in but stressed that she was always confused about him. The post further reveals why she ended her relationship with Nawaz. She said that it all ended when she discovered Nawaz lying to her.

Niharika, in her post, alleged that Nawaz had engaged with multiple women even when he was in a relationship with her. One of her other girlfriend even called Niharika once and yelled at her.

In the long post, she even mentioned her troubled relationship with an investment banker Mayank Singh Singhvi. Not only that she also revealed about the behaviour of Bollywood director who’s has been accused by multiple women for sexual harassment, Sajid Khan.

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