As the influential MeToo movement is taking a new turn every day, people are coming forward to share their ordeals with the world. Veteran writer-producer Vinta Nanda recently accused Alok Nath of raping her and wrote about it on her official Instagram account. Vinta did not directly disclose his name, she referred him to as the most sanskari actor in the industry. After this, the public started smashing him on social media sites.

Now, another twist to the story came when veteran actor Himani Shivpuri backed up the accusation saying that Alok Nath’s predatory behaviour was an open secret. She even compared Alok to Jekyll and Hyde saying that they change after consuming alcohol. Himani Shivpuri has been seen in many movies opposite Alok Nath and they have also worked together for several television shows.

Opening up of Himani Shivpuri gave the controversy another turn. In an interview with PTI, the actor said that if Nath has done it then it is very bad. She added that nobody can force any woman to do anything against her will, using your power. It is quite tough for women.

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Himani also expressed her shock when she read Vinta Nanda’s post accusing Alok Nath of rape. The actor said that Alok was good to her while shooting always but she had heard stories about his behaviour from other female actors.

While interacting with the media body, she also said that whenever they would shoot in the daytime, Alok’s behaviour would be mild and normal but after drinking, he would become a Jekyll and Hyde person. She said that after having liquor, Alok’s behaviour used to change completely. She exclaimed that she often heard other actresses saying that they have a tough time working with him. Himani put out a revelation that a late actress told her that Alok has chased her once.

Himani said that people were not willing to report about him, even Vinta reported after these many years. The Hum Saath Saath Hai actor said that Alok’s Sanskari behaviour was an illusionary image created by media but in reality, he always pulled up a very uncivilized behaviour.

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Describing one such incident, Himani told PTI that while they were all in Dubai once for ITA awards, he consumed a lot of liquor and his wife was worried and disturbed with her behaviour. Alok was even caught peeing in open and got deplaned from the flight for his misbehaviour.

The Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham actor said that she has herself faced misconduct of people from this industry and she might come with her #MeToo story too. Himani said that there have been people who have taken her advantage and are still surviving happily in the industry and she will soon name them.

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