Former adult star Mia Khalifa may have quit her pornographic career but is still one of the sexiest social media sensations all thanks to the sultry photos and videos the 25-year-old keeps sharing on her social media accounts. The PornHub queen keeps raising the temperature with her sexy and seductive photos on her Instagram account. May it be her semi-nude photo while eating pizzas or her workout videos, the Lebanese-American diva drives her fans crazy with her tempting and alluring photos and videos. However, what caught our attention was her latest Instagram post about her drastic transformation. Mia Khalifa posted a before and after picture and we are stunned to see the unbelievable transformation she went through to get that sexy and toned figure because of which she drives her fans crazy across the globe.

On Tuesday morning, the PornHub legend posted a before and after picture of her body and said that this is her transformation Tuesday. In a long post, Khalifa spoke about how she loves to balance her healthy lifestyle along with her passion for food.

Mia has time and again said that she is a foodie and she also revealed that when everyone asks her about the secret of being so skinny even after eating so much, she says that it takes a lot of hard work to maintain a balance in life with your eating habits when you want to stay fit at the same time.

The point which she wants to make through her post is that if everyone loves to eat carbs, they should learn to work hard as well.

Mia retired from her successful pornographic career in 2015 later pursued her passion for sports. She started working in Miami as a bookkeeper and later became a host and hosted sports shows on YouTube.