Mika Singh sexual harassment case: Recently, the Indian singer Mika Singh was accused of having harassed a Brazilian model by sending her specific suggestive pictures online and promising her a role in a Bollywood film. The singer is in a big trouble now with the kind of strict rules and regulations in UAE. The pop singer was in big trouble by sending her indecent pictures through a mobile phone. According to the reports, Mika Singh was in UAE to perform at a party after which he was arrested due to the complaint lodged by the Brazilian model for sending her inappropriate pictures. He also promised her a role in Bollywood film. This is not the first time Mika Singh has been accused of such harassment issues. Indian Embassy Ambassador Navdeep Singh Suri came to his resue after he pulled him out from the detention of Dubai Police last night.

The strong efforts by the Indian Embassy to pull him out from the jail came after the Indian Embassy came to terms with representing him before the court. Mika Singh was released last night at 11:30 pm. In the past, Mika Singh was accused of forcibly kissing Bollywood’s controversial actress Rakhi Sawant in a Bollywood party. The laws in UAE are very strong in taking actions against sexual molesters. Recently a man took a photo of a girl without her consent, he was fined Rs.30 lakhs under Article 21 of the Federal Law. UAE has recently banned 90 websites and activities on the internet. Navdeep Singh, on the other hand, didn’t speak much about the situation as the matter is now in the legal system. 

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