MS Dhoni insignia controversy: Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s recent display of tribute to Indian soldiers during India’s opening ICC World Cup match gained limelight, not because India won it but because of Insignia gloves that were worn by the Indian wicketkeeper when India played against South Africa. Social media platforms were buzzing with #DhoniKeepThe Glove hashtag as fans appreciated former Indian captain’s dedication towards the Indian forces. Soon enough, after an over the top wave of opinions on Twitter, International Cricket Council (ICC) issued directions to the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) to ask Dhoni to remove the regimental dagger badge symbol from his gloves. ICC general manager Claire Furlong said BCCI has been ‘requested’ to get the symbol removed from Dhoni’s gloves.

ICC reiterating its regulation said its equipment and clothing regulations do not permit the display of messages that relate to political, religious or racial activities or causes during an international match. Dhoni, as a tribute to Pulwama martyrs and other soldiers, wore the gloves and the fact that he was conferred an honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Parachute Regiment in 2011 was enough to compel him to wear the gloves. Besides, he had also undergone training under the Para Brigade in 2015.

While things haven’t gone well neither with fans nor celebrities as many trolled ICC for disrespecting Dhoni’s tribute to Pulwama martyrs and other soldiers who stake their lives for the country.

Among celebrities who have come out in support of Dhoni is Paresh Rawal who asked ICC to go to hell!

This is what he said:

Ritesh Deshmukh too supported Dhoni saying the Indian Army is free of any political affiliation and given Dhoni’s Lieutenant designation he was eligible to wear the badge as it wasn’t hurting anyone’s sentiments.

Rahul Dev too joined the bandwagon and trolled ICC for being unnecessarily critical of Dhoni’s gloves and took a jibe at its umpiring in the backdrop of Australia vs West Indies match on Thursday.

Responding to ICC’s appeal, the BCCI has urged the World Cricket body to let Dhoni wear his gloves. Committee of Administrators (CoA)chief Vinod Rai said Dhoni’s insignia badge was neither commercial nor religious, hence he should be allowed to wear it.

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