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Mujhse Shaadi Karoge 20th February 2020, Episode 4 written updates: Paras Chhabra, Shehnaaz Gill date contestants

Mujhse Shaadi Karoge 20th February 2020, Episode 4 written updates: The show begins with the allegation on Navdessh for being fake and copying Shehnaaz Gill. Ankita asked her that why she pretend to be Shehnaaz Gill and why does she talk in the same manner. After that, Sajjana also targetted Navdeesh, she said that she put the pauses and mix of Hindi and Punjabi just like Shehnaaz. She also claimed that Navdeesh has deleted all her English and Hindi videos from Instagram so that no one can check.

Shehnaaz Gill then enters the house with full Dhol and music, she interacted with the new housemates. She tried to solve the war among Sanjjana and Navdeesh, Navdeesh started crying as everyone was calling her fake. Navdeesh then clarified everything, she said that she deleted the videos because it contains her number which would get viral so her team deleted those videos. She said that you copy people whom you like. Bhau came and copied Sanjay Dutt but nobody says a word. In the similar manner, she likes Shehnaaz Gill and wanted to be like her.


Paras Chhabra, Shehnaaz Gill have been sent on a date with the contestants inside the Elite club area. The contestants were supposed to impress them. Shehnaaz Parascalled them one by one. Shehnaaz and Paras have buzzer so that they can over the date with a person they get bored off. Shehnaz liked Balraj Syal as he entertained her. On the other hand, Jasleen danced to impress Paras and Navdeesh told him about his ex-boyfriend.


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