Wednesday, August 10, 2022

My performance in Breathe Season 2 is my career-best, says actor Nithya Menen

She is an uber-talented actor who is not afraid to speak her mind. Actor Nithya Menen is known for her versatility and her ability to make a lasting impression on the audience no matter how big or small the role. In the times fo Covid, the actor just auctioned an outfit to raise money to support people affected by the lockdown. “I thought I might not wear it again and why not give it to a worthy cause. It has raised a significant amount of money which I will be announcing soon,” says Nithya who has been busy at home during the lockdown. “There were so many things I wanted to do at home like clean my cupboard and I wasn’t able to because I used to come home just for a few days between shoots and I’d be too tired. The lockdown has been calming and creative for me. I’m working on my scripts and doing things that I didn’t have time for so far,” she says.

Talking about her films, ask Nithya what attracts her to the roles she chooses and she reveals, “It’s instinctive. When a person comes to narrate a story to me, I also see how passionate they are about it,” she explains. One of the films that everyone is looking forward to is ‘The Iron Lady’ where she essays Dr J Jayalalithaa. How challenging – if at all – will that role be for her? “It’s a massive project and will take some time before we start shooting,” she says. But the actor has stated earlier that there are some similarities between her and Amma.

Now, it is Amazon Prime’s Breathe Season 2 that everyone is looking forward to. This web series is Nithya’s debut in the OTT space and she is very excited about it. “I think this is my best performance so far and I am really happy about it. My role is a very exciting one and I am looking forward to the release,” she smiles. What else is coming up for her on the work front? “I am doing a Tamil film with Dhanush. We were supposed to start shooting but the lockdown happened. I also have two Telugu films – one of which is nearly complete and the other we have to start shoot.”

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For an actor who has stood up and voiced her opinion on key issues like bodyshaming or #metoo. Ask her if she thinks it’s important for celebs to lend their voice to social causes and issues. “No, I don’t,” Nithya says emphatically. “They can do whatever they want – they can support a cause or not support it. There is this constant pressure of celebs should do this and that – it’s not necessary for them to do anything. It’s their choice.” One of the biggest problems that people and especially celebs face on social media is abuse and trolling, and Nithya deals with it efficiently by simply blocking people.

As for who is her biggest critic, Nithya says, “I’m my biggest critic. But I don’t put pressure on myself to outdo every performance or revisit my films. If I ever happen to see a film of mine, I might think I could have done something this way or that way.” Was there ever a time she felt you could have been something else rather than an actor? “Yes, there was but then I realised I wanted to be an actor and here I am,” signs off Nithya.

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