Zomato joined the league of trolling the current meme sensations Radhika Apte and Netflix India and posted a photo saying that it is not just Radhika Apte who has versatility and put forth paneer as their candidate for the challenge. Wherein, Netflix India came up with a savage comeback troll which is winning the internet all over! Netflix is winning the social media with its savage comeback trolls to shut the trolls.

Netflix India is paying its loyalty to its favourite kid Radhika Apte by showing off their deal with it attitude against Radhika Apte memes. The killing comebacks by the Netflix India Team has literally scared trollers to come up with new trolls. 

Earlier than this, Netflix India came up with their Omnipresent Video taking down the trolls and stating that whatever the role is, Radhika is apt for it. Now, the comeback for Zomato has gone viral. On Wednesday, the famous food delivery app Zomato attempted to use the Radhika-Netflix memes and create its own internet fame but sometime later, Netflix India came up with a savage reply and Zomato had to put its foot forward.

Zomato tweeted saying that Radhika Apte is not only one with versatility here and battled her with paneer. they presented a list of dishes from Shahi Paneer to Palak Paneer and questioned Radhika. 

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The tweet was indeed innovative and gained popularity but not for a long time. Netflix India cleverly spotted Radhika even in their list of dishes and corrected their photo stating that Radhika is Omnipresent. See here :

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The wise comeback by Netflix has been rolling Twitterati with laughter attacks. Although the coincidence seems too funny to be true, the brilliant presence of mind of the team behind is worth all the fame and appreciation.



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