Renu Desai who is the former wife of actor-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan recently revealed about her loneliness in an interview. In that interview, the former wife of Power Star Pawan Kalyan expressed her desires to remarry in the near future.

Renu also mentioned that the thought of remarriage came to her mind after she fell ill. She felt the need for a caring person who would look after her and her kids.

This comment by Renu did not go well with the fans of Pawan Kalyan who took to abusing and trolling her. While on one hand, Pawan Kalyan has moved on after divorcing her and married Russian model Anna Lezhneva, Renu’s desire to remarry has created a fuss among Pawan’s fans.

Offended and agitated by the reactions that she received, Renu expressed her feelings in a post that raised questions about the society we are living in.

“We are not discussing about gender equality, women empowerment, security from rapes. And when I say that it would be good to end my seven-year loneliness with a partner I receive hate messages,” she wrote on Facebook.
She added, “A woman should not lead a lonely life with regret forever. I pray to the God that men be raised properly for women’s future to be bright. Only then will the mindset of the men change”.

The post by Renu was seen as a direct attack on Pawan Kalyan and to clarify her stances she came up a post saying that the earlier post was not against their icon.

The complete text of her post can be found here:

In yesterdays post I have no where mentioned the word FAN of my ex husband… Media and some people are making this about me against Kalyan Garu’s fans. Nenu chala clear gaa rasanu, ee post naa personal issue gurinche kadhu. This is a social thought I have shared as a citizen of this country. I request all of you to take the issue of women freedom, education, health seriously! Mee andaraki amma, akka, chelli unnaru…Idhi naa kosam kadhu, vallu kosam cheyyandi…give them a secure and protected feeling to study, work and have their own emotional freedom. And I sincerely request media channels to use their power of television reach positively instead of just creating drama and misunderstandings! I request all men to come together for your own family members who are women! Thank you.