Internet is something that holds the power of making and breaking someone in just a matter of few seconds. The newest born child of the internet, Priya Prakash Varrier who replaced all the previous ‘national crushes’ and took the top spot, is currently facing the ire of the people. As per reports, a police complaint has been filed against the Kerala actress in a Hyderabad court for hurting the sentiment of a particular community in the recently released song from the movie. In the complaint filed, the complainant has expressed displeasure over the words used in the song. According to the complaint filed, the complainant has alleged that the song directly hits out at the religious sentiments of the Muslims.

Priya Prakash Varrier rose to fame and robbed off the hearts of the guys after the clip of the song went viral on the social media. Since, people were too much into the Valentine’s Day mood, Priya Prakash soon became the heart throb of the nation.  In the complaint filed, the makers of the song have also been listed for hurting the Muslim sentiments. The complaint was filed with the Falaknuma Police station by a local resident habiting in Faruk Nagar. The complainant was identified as Mohammad Thalen.

Speaking to NewsX, the complainant expressed his displeasure over the translation of the Tamil Song — Manikya Malaraya Poovi that stars Priya Prakash Varrier. Commenting on the matter, the complainant stated that they never approve of the use of the name of their prophet anywhere, either on a newspaper or a song, movie. Expressing the displeasure, the other complainant said, “We don’t understand Malyalam and translated the song using Google translator, which shows the name of our prophet and we are not happy with that.”

Here are a few of the lyrics that were mentioned in the complaint:

Objection 1

Lyrics: Mahathiyam Ka Khadeeja Beevi

Translation: HERE Highness Khadeeja Beevi

(Khadeeja Beevi Was 1st Wife And Follower Of Prophet Mohammed)

Objection 2


Translation: Woman Who Lived Like A Queen In Mecca

Lyrics Haathimunnabeye Vilichu

Translation: She Called Khathim An Nabbiyyin Prophet Mohammed

Objection 3

Lyrics: Kanda Neram Khalbinullil, Mohamoudichu..Mohamoudichu

Translation: First Sight Of Him (Prophet) Her Heart Desired Him

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