This pandemic has made the world stop to a still and locked people inside home. For a second try imagining the quarantine and lockdown time without our mobile phones in our hands or without one of the greatest boon “Social Media” Unimaginable right.

Well apart from all the fun & entertainment these social media platforms are much more nowadays, the very less talked “Profession” Yes you read that right Social media as a profession What better than a instagrammer explaining it from the personal point of view Talking about the social media as a profession we caught up with Neetu Bisht to discuss on her journey on social media as a profession.

Neetu Bisht Having around 1.5 million followers on Instagram, link : over 11 million on Other short video app and over 100k subscribers on her Youtube by The name of Lakhneet Vlogs shares her experiences and the life behind the social media screens.

Neetu who is a known face on the social media never thought about social media as a profession till the time she became a known face. People began following me at places and taking selfies with me. Once i became popular i came to know the power social media has.

And in a quick time i knew what i should be doing next , i channelised my energy to grow as a influencer on selected platforms and it payed me back , in terms of fame , money , collaboration and bringing me closer to like minded people.

I have learnt a lot about life through social media there are times where we influencers are sure of a content doing great but it doesn’t happen, sometimes unexpected content becomes sensational. To be honest there is no rocket science about what exactly to make that audience would love. Audience are really unpredictable.

Apart from all the perks of being a known face we have to deal with unnecessary hate and offensive comments which are really scary at times. When people connect with you they feel a sort of attachment with you like they have with their family and if we are late sometimes or forget to reply to our dearest of the supporters they become really disappointed. Which is very justifiable.

Well talking about social media as a profession My mother is still doubtful about the longevity of this profession she really doesn’t feel like i am doing anything because all she witnesses is me sitting with my phone and camera at home all the time . You can imagine what our parents feel watching us on phone all the time , she forgets at time that meanwhile i may seem to be enjoying life chatting with my friends and wasting my time on phone it’s actually what my profession is , sounds crazy right. But it is what is it.I was never counted as someone good in academics and i knew right through the schooling that this is not my cup of tea.

But thanks to social media for giving people like me a platofrm to showcase our skills and changing the mindset of people that skills do count. I feel like if you have talent and you show it the right way then today or tomorrow you will get what you deserve.

I remember growing up watching TV reality shows i was amazed to see big queues for the auditions and even the deserving ones not being selected due to the limited slots those shows had and the unlimited number of talent that our country has.

Social media has given those people a platform of their own now. If you are good at something you dont need to stand in long queues and perform in front of few judges who may even insult you to increase the TRPall you need to do is just record your talent and upload it to social media. I have countless of examples about people whose life changed because social media gave them recognition.

There are a larger number of creators out there who might not be given their due fame if social media was not there.

Good thing is that you dont need any godfather here to help you make your way to the top if you have the talent then it depends on you, how far you take it.

I am amazed to hear the story that we grew up listening to about someone getting a package of 1cr per annum and being the hero of the town but to be honest now even if you are not good at studies and you do justice with your talent . 1cr is not a big deal.

This is the power that social media has, Bisht Said.

So if you are a secret superstar too and want to show world about your talent then maybe its time to make changes to how you use social media , be a creator, be a star.