The case of Priyanka Chopra being called hypocrite during a tense confrontation has escalated as she has been accused of promoting nuclear war between home country India and neighboring country Pakistan. Chopra who has been appointed as the UNICEF goodwill ambassador in 2016 expressed her support for Indian Armed Forces during airstrike over the disputed region of Kashmir.

India retaliated by conducting airstrikes on Pakistan for a suicide car bombing which led to the death of more than 40 troop personals earlier this year. Priyanka Chopra took to her twitter handle and tweeted Jai Hind #IndianArmedForces. As the tweet came biting back, Priyanka Chopra in the confrontation said that war is not the answer and I am against it but I am patriotic.

The woman who questioned her and called her a hypocrite was later identified as Ayesh malik who accused Priyanka of encouraging a nuclear war between two neighboring countries. She said that you are a UNICEF ambassador of peace and encouraging nuclear war against Pakistan is being a hypocrite.

The security team at the convention took away the mic from Malik who couldn’t complete her question but to this Priyanka, Chopra cooly said: “I hear you whenever you are done venting.” Furthermore, Chopra explained to her that she doesn’t want a war as she has many friends in Pakistan.

To explain herself further Quantico actor said that “I am in the middle ground just as you so stop yelling and embarrassing yourself, we all are here for love.” Things escalated after this very quickly and an online petition for removing her as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador after this incident had more than 1,00,000 signatures. Check out what people think of her comment here:

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