The beauty queen of Bollywood Priyanka Chopra has been recently called a hypocrite as she encouraged the nuclear war between India and Pakistan in a tweet she posted supporting Indian armed forces amid escalating conflict between India and Pakistan.

On February 26, the actress wrote in her tweet, Jai Hind, which means the victory of India. Her tweet also included #IndianArmedForces followed by the airstrikes by India on Pakistan that provoked the other nation to give the retaliatory response. And the aftermath was an escalation in the hostilities between the two countries over the contention of Kashmir region.

The Bollywood diva attended the BeautyCon in Los Angeles on Saturday, where an audience member named as Ayesha Malik confronted her about her tweet. Chopra was taking the questions of audience and meanwhile, Ayesha Malik approached the mic and called the former Miss World a hypocrite for encouraging nuclear war between the two nations.

In a video posted on Twitter of the incident, Malik can be heard saying it is kind of difficult for her to hear her talk about humanity because as her neighbor, a Pakistani, she knows that Priyanka is a bit of a hypocrite, the post received over 71,000 likes.

She added, Priyanka was a UNICEF ambassador for peace and she was encouraging nuclear war against Pakistan. There’s no winner in this from her point of view. The moment she completed her statement, the microphone was taken from her.

Replying to this, the actress said, she is not fond of war, but she’s patriotic. Adding on to it, Priyanka apologized for hurting the sentiments of the people who love her, but she also said, she thinks that there’s a sort of middle ground in all of us that we need to walk. Also, Priyanka asked her to not yell and be calm as they all were present at the moment to spread love and happiness.


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