Mythological stories are still a thing amongst the masses. People love watching devotional and historical content to stay connected to their roots. With the change in time, such content looks larger than life owing to the VFX and technological changes.

The mythological movies hold an extra edge over the keenness and love in the heart of the Indian audience. Guruji Kailashraigar is a wonderful producer who has time and again been vocal about his plans. He is keen to recreate the magic of mythological cinema among the Indian audience. The producer wants to bring out the charming Indian epics on the silver screen by collaborating with some of the finest actors, writers, and directors. “India has some of the classic stories and hidden aspects of famous myths like Panchatantra, creation of Vedas, etc which are still unknown to many people. The picturization of these stories would be magical and tremendous for anyone who would be part of it”, said Kailashraigar.

Producer Guruji Kailashraigar is a common name in the gold business. The terrific producer is not just a business master but also a contributor to society’s well-being who gives away half of his earnings to charity. The producer is presently looking for the ideal script for his forthcoming venture on OTT. Moreover, to give a reality check about the unsaid issues of the country, Kailash is planning to make a documentary to make people aware of the issues faced by the common man in the day-to-day lives.