Holi, one of the most prominent festivals in the calendar of India is certainly here. Holi is called the celebration of colours as people put colors on each other as an act of joy and love.


Mr. S.N.M.D.Sarkar, the producer of the Sarkar Company, says” Most heartfelt greetings to all of you as you celebrate this festival of color, enjoyment and happiness. I hope this celebration brings a lot of happiness to people across the country. It is also known as the festival of colours, is celebrated with great enthusiasm across the country. The festival is not just a celebration of colours, it’s also a celebration of togetherness.


He further says on the occasion of Holi, I wish all the young struggling actor/actress of Bollywood. This Holi, let us aim to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and amity that hold our community together. Let this festival break the barriers that divide us and unite us in the quest for shared prosperity, peace, progress, harmony and joy. This day is described by friends and family coming together, indulging in the playful spirit of the festival and celebrating the day over colours, sweets and delectable food.


Sarkar is a platform for struggling aspirants to Bollywood and encourages them to make their mark in the world of Bollywood. The aim was to expand his production business into a talent hunt. He says, “There are various skilled young people who have it in them to accomplish stardom because of the insufficient financial resources they are unable to do.


Sarkar Company will act as a bridge between these project owners and the strugglers. Sarkar Company will be an investor to these strugglers, who need the financial back-up to go from one day to another. Mr. Sarkar insists The festival of Holi is observed with a lot of enthusiasm and thrill every year. This year, all the enthusiasm struggle actors/actresses get an opportunity to make their mark in the world of Bollywood.