They are two people who are past 35 and yet to find a partner in life. And when they both register on a dating site, their paths intertwine. Jaya (Parvathy) works in an insurance company while Yogi (Irrfan) is a rich poet. Jaya is a young widower who leads a solitary life because didn’t bother to seek another relationship once her husband died. Her friends and even her brother keep harping on about when she plans to break the walls she’s built around herself. Meanwhile, in comes Yogi into her life – he is fun-loving, bindaas, talks a mile a minute and is very open about his life. They meet for the first time for coffee but he has already planned on dinner and a date the next day. Jaya finds Yogi intriguing as he is the exact opposite of her in nature right from their taste in food.

They take off on a road trip from Haridwar to Gangtok to meet Yogi’s three ex-paramours. ‘Qarib Qarib Singlle’ takes us on this journey with Jaya and Yogi. How does the journey transform their relationship? Do they find love? Director Tanuja Chandra has given us a mature love story that looks at relationships in the age of dating sites. She has ensured that the story has enough comedy to engage the audience but not in a way it is jarring to the story. The relationship drama is something that the single men and women past 35 can find resonance with as well.

What makes it such a delight to watch is that the two protagonists – Irrfan and Parvathy – share great on-screen chemistry and a perfect foil for each other. Irrfan is loud not just in the way he speaks but even in the way he dresses, for instance, while Parvathy is more subdued, subtle and opens up slowly over time. Parvathy is known for her acting prowess in South Indian Films and in her Bollywood debut too she delivers a stellar performance. She adds so much life to the role of Jaya and the film. ‘Qarib Qarib Singlle’ is a simple, feel-good film which really warms the heart and makes you smile.