Self-styled god woman Radhe Maa, an Indian spiritual leader based in the Borivali suburb of Mumbai, Maharashtram, has always been in the centre of controversies because of her infamous acts. Drawn to spirituality as a child as her followers say, Radhe Maa used to spent a lot of time at the Goddess Kali temple in her village.

Radhe Maa, who has studied till class IV, got married at the age of 17 and used to support her husband to add to their income by stitching clothes. Radhe Maa, however, was attracted to spirituality when her husband left for Doha in Qatar to look for a better job.

Recently, Radhe Maa recently grabbed headlines after a ‘vulgar’ video of her went viral on social media. In the video, Radhe Maa was apparently seen having a great time during an undisclosed event and then out of the blue, she was being grabbed by an unknown individual as they both continue their dance which was termed as ‘vulgar’ by many as soon as the video hit the internet.

Prior to that, a police complaint was filed against self-styled god woman by a Delhi based lawyer for sitting on the chair of a SHO in an east Delhi police station and “insulting” the police fraternity. Advocate Gaurav Gulati in the police complaint said that Radhe Maa was creating ‘mockery of law’. Reports suggest that many ‘bhakts’ entered the police station in presence of Radhe Maa and hailed her. During the investigation, a constable of the police station revealed that Radhe Maa was on a trip to Ramleela and with the increasing people in the event, SHO of the station brought her in the police station.

Radhe Maa, who has multiple complaints against her including that of dowry, sexual harassment and allegedly driving a family of seven to suicide, was declared in the list of ‘fake babas’ by Akhara Parishad. Though she has always remained a controversial public figure and famous for her ‘unlawful’ activities, people are still fascinated with her personality. Here’s a look at some of her most beautiful photos and  dance videos.

Have a look at Radhe Maa’s Photos:

Radhe Maa flaunting her cool sun-glasses at a public place


Radhe Maa giving hug to one of her followers

Radhe Maa offering prayers at a religious place

Radhe Maa displaying her traditional god woman avatar

Radhe Maa flaunting her self-styled god woman avatar with a trishul

Radhe Maa displaying herself as god woman in different ways

Self-styled Radhe Maa posing at a public place

Radhe Maa giving a hug to one of her followers

Radhe Maa posing randomly in her self-styled god woman look

Radhe Maa in her self-styled god woman look

Have a look on Radhe Maa’s dancing Videos: