Chittibabu (Ram Charan), the son of a tailor, lives in the village of Rangasthalam with his family. He is hard of hearing but is out and about always helping people and doing well for all. He spends his time between this and earning a living irrigating the lands of farmers with his electric pump. The big honcho in Rangasthalam is the President (Jagapathi Babu) who lords over the villagers and has been treated like God for 30 years. Everyone, in fact, is forced to believe that the President is their saviour though he is evil. It is when Chittibabu’s elder brother Kumar Babu (Aadhi Pinisetty) returns from Dubai that the President is challenged in more ways than one. Kumar finds that the villagers are in unnecessary debt and their lands are being seized illegally. The exploited villagers don’t have the courage to stand up to the President even when Kumar urges them to. Kumar finally decides to compete in the village council elections for President.

Meanwhile, Chittibabu falls in love with a beautiful village belle Ramalakshmi (Samantha) and their romance blossoms. But life is not easy for Chittibabu and Kumar when the latter decides to run for President. There are fights that break out and they start to fear for their lives. And here we see another side to Chittibabu. Does Kumar win the elections? How does the evil President deal with them? What is the twist in this seemingly straightforward story Director Sukumar has given Ram Charan ample scope to perform in this movie – there are plenty of actions scenes, emotional drama, romance and even some comedy. And Ram Charan has delivered superbly on all counts.

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The role of a simple villager who is hard of hearing is a new role in Ram Charan’s career and is a fresh of breath air for the audience as well. Talented Aadhi Pinisetty is a great choice for the role as Kumar and interestingly, the director has given him a meaty role in this flick.

The chemistry between Ram Charan and Samantha is defined one of the highlights of this movie. Samantha as Ramalakshmi is a delight on screen and she never fails to entertain us. Jagapathi Babu is the bad man as we know but Prakash Raj is the one who gives the audience a twist.

Director Sukumar has perhaps given Ram Charan one of the best roles in his career but the Movie at 2 hours and 50 minutes is just too long. He could easily trim down about 20 minutes (including a song or two) and make the film racier. There are many characters in the film and each finds importance through the first half starts slowly. The climax is a bit of a let-down though – the ending could have been better written to pack a punch rather than just add a twist. Having said that, the movie is very colourful and well-shot thanks to DOP Rathnavelu and DSP adds to the flavour with some peppy songs.

Watch the film for Ram Charan as he is the show-stealer for sure in ‘Rangasthalam’.

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