Whether it is making biopics, remakes or sequels, Bollywood is supreme in this field as the filmmakers are always on a hunt to bring something new and out of the box topics to the big screens. It seems that the radar of the filmmaker is now on Internet sensation Ranu Mandol. Recently, the reports reveal that filmmaker Hrishikesh Mondal is keen to make a biopic on Ranu Mondal’s life.

Not only this, but the filmmaker is also planning to cast Bengali actor Sudipta Chakraborty who has won various awards. Reports reveal that the actor has already been approached, but till now Sudipta has not nodded to the project and is waiting for the final script. Talking about the film, it will narrate the entire life of Ranu Mandol from singing on the railway stations to sharing the music studios with Himesh Reshammiya.

The director Hrishikesh Mondal revealed that he believes that the audience are actually curious to know about Ranu Mandal’s life and her journey, who became an Internet sensation overnight. Moreover, the film will also showcase the power of social media that added to the case of Ranu Mandal.

Himesh Reshammiya

Moreover, Hrishikesh also revealed that he is in talks with Rano Mandal and she has said him not to reveal the insights of her life as that would hurt her. The film will be produced by Shubhojeet Mondal and is expected to hit the theatres on February 2020.

To those who don’t know the story of Ranu Mandal, she is a women in 50’s who used to sing Lata Mangeshkar’s songs sitting at the railway stations. On July 23, a man shot a video of Ranu and posted that on social media. Within no time, Ranu became an Internet sensation and also got a chance to sing a song opposite Himesh Reshammiya.

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