Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Rashami Desai opens up about inviting Sidharth Shukla on her RD shhow, says he is very knowledgeable

Television actor Rashami Desai very well proved that the game of Bigg Boss can also be played in a dignified and sophisticated manner. No doubt, she was a part of many controversies and fights inside the house, the way the lady handled and managed everything keeping in mind that she is on national television is well appreciated. This won’t be wrong to say that her journey was not less than a rollercoaster and the highlight of her game was her bittersweet equation with Sidharth Shukla.

Now, Rashami Desai is among those actresses, who is making the most of her time to spread happiness and motivating people through her talk show on Instagram—The RD Shhow. Recently, during her chat show, replying to one of her fans, Rashami Desai revealed about inviting Sidharth Shukla to her show. She revealed that Sidharth is very knowledgeable and she has a couple of things to discuss with him as well.

Further, she also revealed that first Sidharth should pick up his phone or reply to her message. Now, this is quite known that Sidharth Shukla is not much attached to his phone. He is an introvert and revealed during Bigg Boss as well that most of the time his phone is not with him.

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Rashami Desai Sidharth Shukla
Rashami Desai Sidharth Shukla

Talking about Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla’s relationship, though things were not good between them especially that Esi Ladki fight but later, both of them started pulling each other’s leg and entertained their fans with their cat and mouse relationship. Moreover, after winning the show, Sidharth Shukla in an interview revealed that his best memory inside the house was the finale dance act with Rashami Desai on the song Ang Laga De.




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