Thursday, August 11, 2022

Ravetek’s journey from being a theatre artist to DJ

Ravetek tells us that he wanted to become an actor, He was a theatre artist when he was doing his schooling, he did his workshop from Bhartendu baths academy but since he was more passionate about music, he started learning DJ’ing and started visiting the clubs back in 2015, He also told us that when for the first time he attended Avicii’s concert back in 2015 that day he decided that it will be a full-time thing for him now and since then he never looked back.

Coming from a small city Meerut, he said it was tough to build trust amongst friends and family to peruse his career as a DJ/Producer in Lucknow.

Ever since he performed in Asia’s biggest musical festival sunburn he knew that this is where he wanted to go.

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