Capitalising on his soaring popularity on the video-sharing platform YouTube, Om Prakash Mishra is back with a bang with his new song Mainu Sot Lagaani Hai. But beware! The new song is louder, quirkier and meaner. The new song of the Aunty ki Ghanti singer can be seen as the part two of his song. Just like the first song, the second song heavily emphasises on two most beloved words of Om Prakash Mishra – Sot and Aunty.

Mishra has apparently got all of his finances right in place after the raging popularity of his first song. He has come out of the hazy backgrounds and has sot, err, shot the Aunty ki Ghanti part 2 song in a swanky recording studio. He has amplified the music on multiple levels and has focused more on Electronic Dance Music. As far as the lyrics of the Mainu Sot Lagaani Hai song go, they are more double meaning in nature than before.

Apart from enjoying viewership in millions, Aunty ki Ghanti also drew backlash from the public for its vulgarity and sexism. At one end, Mishra was abused and trolled on social media while at another end, he was being glorified by his fans. Remember, a large group of youngsters singing Bol Na Aunty Aau Kya in unison at Connaught Place, New Delhi?

With the unavoidable presence of social media in lives today, it’s impossible to condone the viral trends of the internet. It doesn’t matter if you love or hate Om Prakash Mishra, one thing is certain that you just cannot ignore him. As this article was written, the new Sot song gained like 5,000 more views to its existing count of almost 5 lakh. The Aunty ki Ghanti garnered a close to 5 million views on YouTube and if this Mainu Sot Lagani Hai song crosses that record then there are chances that Om Prakash Mishra might get Bollywood calling for him.

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