We are living in a time where media and entertainment has proved its prowess as one of the most lucrative industries. Just like engineering and medicine, the field of media has gained tremendous momentum. Among various jobs and professions, Radio Jockey (RJ) is a flourishing career for media professionals. But what does it take to be an RJ? Let’s understand it from the reputed name from Gujarat, RJ Dixi.

RJ Dixi is a popular name across Gujarat and currently goes on-air at Radio City 91.1 FM in Vadodara. With in-depth knowledge about the industry and experience of more than ten years, she has created a benchmark with her exceptional communication skills. Having worked at Reliance Big FM and Red FM in Vadodara and Ahmedabad respectively, RJ Dixi over the last few years has honed her skills as a supremely versatile radio personality.

Shedding light on the requirements to be an affluent RJ, she says that one must first gain knowledge by pursuing a course about the profession. “There are various courses available. I believe education helps in clearing different concepts about Radio Jockeying before one aspires to make a career as an RJ”, she revealed. Other than that, RJ Dixi explains that the job of an RJ is more than interacting with the listeners and playing different soundtracks.

Some of the key points to become a successful RJ as per RJ Dixi are creativity, spontaneity and having the ability to modulate as per the situation. Furthermore, she says, “One must be fluent in the language and have perfect diction. Both these qualities are important as it helps in connecting to the viewers of a particular region. Another pro tip as suggested by RJ Dixi is that RJs must be unique and have a style of their own. “Do not try to imitate others. Rather master the art and create an identity as it will help you build credibility among the viewers”, she commented.

Moreover, RJ Dixi explains that flexibility to work must also be kept in mind as there might be situations where going on-air would arise in case of an emergency. When asked how she keeps her listeners glued to her prime-time show, RJ Dixi said, “I do my homework before I interact with the audience. As an RJ, knowing the latest happenings in the country is a must. I believe to entertain as well as inform my listeners about the current affairs.” Besides these traits, RJ Dixi urges all the budding Radio Jockeys to work on their craft and develop deep interest before deep-diving into this profession.